evil monkey


ok well i did it, in that short amount of time.

ive changed my LJ.

im not going to bother adding anyone myself.
there are far to many people on my friends list that i have no idea who they are and that never comment on mine.

so if you want to keep me as a friend, and i know many of you who i hope do, feel free to add me.



evil monkey

now by requet only.....haha





But fortunately I have the key to escape reality


And you may see me tonight with an illegal smile


It don't cost very much, but it lasts a long while


Won't you please tell the man I didn't kill anyone


No I'm just tryin' to have me some fun







and if my thought-dreams could be seen


theyd probably put my head in a gullotine


but its ok ma


cause its life and life only.




                                                                             For my F R I E N D S only...

                                                                                          as of....NOW

**feel free to add me....
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evil monkey

so how much do u care about what i write??

Who's been commenting in your journal?

1 yeaimastoner42o 32 comments 34.41% of total
2 somewhatlucky 23 comments 24.73% of total
3 gayleogirly22 6 comments 6.45% of total
4 anatrapazzesca 6 comments 6.45% of total
5 Anonymous 5 comments 5.38% of total
6 julzbug 5 comments 5.38% of total
7 mufassalove 5 comments 5.38% of total
8 easilyamused13 3 comments 3.23% of total
9 kissing_mirrors 3 comments 3.23% of total
10 opheliafree 3 comments 3.23% of total
11 jazz_pizzazz 2 comments 2.15% of total

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evil monkey

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