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My Life From My Fucked Up Point Of View

the daily trials and tribulations of a basic american stonerchick.

you wish you knew me like that...
1 February
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im not a normal girl. i dont wear make up and i live in a pair of guys cargo shirts. i have strong morals about certain things, and in all of my 19 years ive grown very attached to doing what i think and feel is right. i like nature. how can a person ever feel bad about the world when looking at the pure earth? i watch cartoons on a regular basis because i believe they help keep me sane. i think children can make any day better. i dont lie, i dont steal and i dont enjoy being mean to people. i dont believe in hanging on to unnessesary things, and i dont believe in starting unnessesary drama. i believe theres alot wrong in the world, but that it wouldnt take much to fix it if people just GAVE A SHIT. littering is my BIGGEST pet peeve. is it really that hard to hold onto ur napkin until u find a trashcan? not only is it bad for the enbironment, but it just looks ugly. and like i said, nature is beauty so dont make it ugly. i believe ive become the understanding, laidback person i am today by smoking weed. i also believe that mushrooms have mad me smarter. i love my dreads. i like when people call me a hippie even though i dont feel as if i deserve such a label. it takes alot to be a true hippie and i dont feel as tho ive come close to earning that. barefeet make me happy. as do happy people. im a firm believer in the phrase "it happens". if more people felt that way then thered be less drama and therefore less problems. im a nice person and i live to give. i also like to make people laugh. people seem to genuinly enjoy my company. and im always up for new friends so add me if u so feel the urge to. i wont say no. and have a great day. :0)

Writing is My Love.

Weed is Heathers love.

Charlie Manson is love.

Stewie is Love THE WORLD IS MINE!<

205 is CCC love


Ron Burgundy is Glass case of emotion Love

Ringo Starr is drummer love